World Freedom Alliance

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We want to co-ordinate and invite all organisations working for Human Rights, Freedom and Justice to work together under one, Democratically organized umbrella organization in order to pool our resources and knowledge together in order to be able the counteract the current attempts from a little super-rich elite to take over the world under the cover up of the COVID19 "Pandemic". We will decide our name before the end of October. If you have a proposal, please send an e-mail to, and also write your motivation for that particular name. Don´t forget to first check if there is a website name free that can be used for your name proposal, and that there are no copyright issues related to your name proposal.

You are welcome to join!
We are currently developing a new software platform that could be used for this purpose, andf until it is ready, we work with this a little bit more simple version based on Drupal.