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 The Covid 19 situation has shown very clearly that here is a small group of influential businessmen and world leaders manipulating the world in a totalitarian direction, suppressing free speech, manipulating media, science and political decisions with the help of Covid 19.They are using Covid 19 as a tool to achieve other means. It can be clearly demonstrated by how they have been trying to suppress all possible proven treatments that do not align with the interests of the medical-industrial-complex, like Hydroxychloroquin, Zink, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Artemesia Annua etc.

They have even sponsored fake studies in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine and have been giving toxic dosis of hydroxychlroquine in order to prove that it is as dangerous as they have falsely stated in media, contrary to 70 years of experience treating millions of people without major issues.

They simply don’t want a solution to the problem. That would spoil their criminal agenda.

My country, Sweden did not lock down as much as in the UK. When the death numbers did not get high enough, they started killing our elderly people with breathing problems with Morphine and Midazolam instead of giving them oxygen.

The CDC of the USA and Anthony Fauci also sponsored gain of function research on Corona Viruses which was moved to Wuhan in China when it was disallowed in the US because of protests from researchers.

If you cannot see that there is a vicious, criminal agenda behind all these events, you must suffer from a problem called cognitive dissonance, meaning that you refuse to see the truth, even if it is presented right in front of you.

It is time for us to stand up and say no to this, and to put the responsible persons behind this mega crime behind bars.

Me and my team have constructed a software a website on where we can help each other to identify and collect evidence against all these people using the principles of collective intelligence and liquid democracy.

All the funds entering into this campaign will go into a transparent foundation where we will also decide together how the funds will be used best to serve our cause. Our goal is to arrange a new Nuremberg trial before the end of 2021!

No one shall be able to escape, and they shall know it!
We need your participation and donations in order to achieve this!

Greetings Mikael Nordfors and the Peoples Court Team

Court Cases

Here we will list all the different kind of cases submitted to Peoples Court

People who have been hurt by the healthcare system.

This is for people who have been suffering because of errors in their counties health systems

People who have been suffering damage defending the right of free speech.

Many researchers doctors, nurses, policemen, and other people have been suffering damage as a consequence of speaking up against an official narrative. These cases can be listed here:

People who have suffered economic setbacks because of the Lockdowns

Here we will list all people who had economic setbacks due to the Lockdowns all over the world in order to file for compensation.

Reference articles for Peoples Court

Here you can publish interesting articles that can be of use for future litigation in Peoples Court.

About Eugenics and Bill Gates

Mr. Thomas Watson, CEO of IBM influenced and financed  Hitler 's racist eugenics program ....he was never indicted or sentenced during the 1945 Nuremberg trials. High ranking Nazi technocrats said the program was always being directed from the US. IBM also provided the administrative Rolodex technology to run the concentration camps. The mother of Bill Gates, a daughter of a significant US- banking family acted as  CEO at IBM during this period. The father of Bill Gates, a top corporate lawyer and best friend of Rockefeller was a celebrated proponent of eugenics and the Sanger organisation planned parenthood. The Gates parents bought the first software program for their boy, William III (Bill), for 50 000 Dollars from.long time friend Paul Allen, a  programmer and software developer who next to his  skills of writing code also generated the name Microsoft. Microsoft currently provides and manages the data bank for the European genome project. The evidence is building that we are looking at a global.eugenics program. The PCR test is the entry point into this program, since the swabs,  not only detect so called external viral particles, but takes personal substance from each individual tested to enter into this data source.Thus is in breach of internationally recognised  data protection rules ..( Did I hear anyone say, thanks to Brexit???) This program knows no borders. Then we add into this the investments of Gates, Soros, Warren Buffet plus Rockefeller and friends of the 'R' factor and we get to see why Prof. Christian Drosten, the inventor of the Covid-PCR is good friends with Fauci (Fraudsi) and the big Bill himself..we should not forget the tens of millions of finance to Neil Ferguson's department at Imperial college be the Gates fiundation. The Gates Foundation gave millions to a select group of national news outlets in Germany in 2019 before and shortly after  event 201 took place. with a thus  careful planning  and investment strategy revealed we are, without a doubt, looking way beyond a purely medical problem some professional circles this should attract attention to investigate further and press for criminal charges for conspiracy and crimes against humanity...