World Freedom Alliance

We want to co-ordinate and invite all organisations working for Human Rights, Freedom and Justice to work together under one, Democratically organized umbrella organization in order to pool our resources and knowledge together in order to be able the counteract the current attempts from a little super-rich elite to take over the world under the cover up of the COVID19 "Pandemic". We will decide our name before the end of October. If you have a proposal, please send an e-mail to, and also write your motivation for that particular name.


ACU: We will investigate why the COVID-19 restrictive measures came over the population. We will investigate whether there is any proportionality to the drastic government measures.

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Medical Research

everyone can take part in publishing, evaluating and discussing medical research. My goal is to provide a reliable, unbiased information source, where all different viewpoints of a medical issue can be truly expressed, commented and evaluated.



ISOFIA wants to create all the best practises in order to create a better society.


Veritas is an international organization that wants to collect evidence against the perpetrators of the Covid19 catastrophe. 

Peoples Court

 The Covid 19 situation has shown very clearly that here is a small group of influential businessmen and world leaders manipulating the world in a totalitarian direction, suppressing free speech, manipulating media, science and political decisions with the help of Covid 19.